The Story of Christ


I originally made this study for my own daughter. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do for our scripture study in her first year, and so I finally asked her what we should do. “I want to read about Jesus!” When she said that, the Spirit nudged me to create a study of “The Story of Christ” comprised of short selections from the LDS standard works which tell the story of Jesus Christ, starting with life in the premortal realms with God, through mortality, death, resurrection, and until the Millennial reign. Though I made it for use in my own family, I share it here because I feel other families may enjoy reading Jesus’ story in this format, too. —Jenna Dilts


The study is available online with sacred art (see the links to the right) as well as in text-only PDF format.  The art is only available online and is not part of the following documents: